Manish Padhiar

Director, USA / Canada

Manish Padhiar is a strategy consultant with an African business conglomerate, primarily responsible for assisting member companies with the development and execution of their operational and financial goals. His past work spans consulting for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in California to working with a large conglomerate in Tanzania to teaching integrated science at an SHS in rural Ghana. He holds a BS from the University of Los Angeles as well as a dual MBA and MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Manish is an avid fan of Afrobeats and hip-life. This passion developed while he was living in Ghana, where he was exposed to the heavy beats of Hammer of the Last Two, the sharp raps of Sarkodie, and the sublime sounds of Fela Kuti and local live high-life bands. Since his initial attraction to African music, Manish worked on a project with Hammer to help him groom an up-and-coming rapper named TeePhlow (who Manish now helps directly manage). He also organized an event to showcase the burgeoning Afrobeats industry at Georgetown University, featuring Fuse ODG as the main storyteller. Manish is also heavily influenced by West Coast rap music from the US and bhangra from India.

Through his association with Africa 1 Media, Manish aims to promote the innovative and thriving music industries across Africa as they join the global music business.