Setutsi Dennis

Business Strategist

Setutsi Dennis is an exuberant, lively, personable, yet professional individual born in Florida, USA to Liberian parents. Not only is she a proud graduate of the #1 most diverse and top performing school in her home state,
Florida Atlantic University (FAU), she is diverse in her background including skills and cultural experiences. Although she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business & Trade and Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Setutsi has had the innate ability to lead and seek answers to what was at one time a complex problem, from birth. Twenty-three years later and she is still using those abilities, as her niche, to develop businesses and communication structures in Africa, America, and soon the Globe.

Throughout her coursework and extracurricular leadership positions at FAU, Setutsi collaborated with a variety of individuals from students to professionals, in a multicultural environment, to complete a variety of
assignments. From conducting research to compile reports and presentations, to taking the initiative to reach out to potential partners, she is confident in
her preparedness relevant to her projects. Through her experiences, she developed and utilized strong speaking and writing abilities, organizational and research skills, superb computer capabilities, and ability to take action, to effectively manage diverse, time-sensitive, and complex tasks. Utilizing many of the same skills, she is excited for the opportunity to perform as a Business Strategist.

Setutsi enjoys learning new things through first-hand experience, hanging out with family and friends, and traveling. She has been blessed with the opportunity to travel and be exposed to places such as Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Liberia, and Ghana. With a strengthening interest in entertainment, arts, creative arts, and sports, Setutsi is excited to work
passionately and progressively for Africa 1 Media.